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Contemporary Turkish Novelist & Playwright Mehmet Murat ildan (MMI), Member of the International PEN Writers.

This account has the Collection of His Quotes, Quotations, Aphorisms, Apothegms, Words of Wisdom, Maxims, Wise Words and Sagacious Sayings.

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* A little happy house is the strongest castle in this whole universe! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Archimedes once said that ‘Give me where to stand, and I will move the earth.’ There is a much more difficult task than this: To try to lift an ignorant up from where he stands, because he is heavily chained to the stupidity! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* In winter, you fed the birds; and in summer, do the same thing! In winter, you gave them bread; and in summer, give them water! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When the wisdom speaks, be quite and listen! When the stupidity speaks, stand up and leave! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* It matters not to be a Jewish or a Muslim or a Christian! What really matters is to be good by heart, to be honest and fair! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Hate is your enemy; you must defeat it! Anger is your enemy; you must defeat it! Violence is your enemy; you must defeat it! Death is your enemy; you must defeat it! Know well your real enemies! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* To use violence against a peaceful man is the greatest immorality and the biggest rot ever! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Time will come and some people will be proud of themselves that they have never believed in any religion! This honour will be belonging to the clever people of the society only! For the others, merely the deep shame will remain! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Are you a stupid sheep in the flock or a free eagle in the sky? Look at the mirror, what are you? Are you some dullish cattle in the herd or a wise owl in the forest? Look at the mirror, what are you? ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* In an ignorant country, everything will try to drag you down! Stay firm, aim at the stars, keep going up and drag up the people who are trying to drag you down! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you ever get a high official position in your country, you must see the interests of the humanity much more important than the interests of your own country; only then you will deserve to be called a great man! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* As long as you don’t stop producing guns, you can’t be a decent country! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you want to call a man to account, don’t do it when he is weak; call him to account when he is strong! Cowards choose the first way and the valiant choose the second way. ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* One of the most tragicomic things in life is that when a man makes an imaginary thing – such as a religion – as his own flag and carries it all his life and even dies for it! An intelligent man has only one flag: Flag of reason and science! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Thanks to the night, we long for the day; thanks to the day, we long for the night! The purpose of the opposites is to make us long for something! Thanks to the crowds, we long for the solitude; thanks to the solitude, we long for the crowds! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Yesterday, we needed justice; today, we need justice; tomorrow, we will need justice! Justice is our eternal need!~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When you are grateful to the rain, do not forget also the clouds! When appreciating something, be fair enough also to appreciate the sources that created it! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you see a lonely tree in the middle of nowhere, plant a tree next to it! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* It is often said that we are just a moment in time! In that case, here is the best challenge for man: To change this! To be two moments in time; three moments in time; four moments in time; to be in the whole of the time! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan) 

* Will you continue doing goodness even if you know that no one will know them? Will you continue doing kindness even if you know that no one will remember them? Then, you are truly a holy man! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When your enemy falls to the ground, help him to get up! Never let a man in that condition stay on the ground! To help the weak, be it enemy, be it rival, is an honour for you! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Don’t be like a train; don’t travel on the same path! Thousands of different paths are waiting for you to walk! Don’t be like a train! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Gun producer and the killer is the same thing! Be ethical, stop producing guns! Be human, for God’s sake, for there shall never be peace of mind for the wicked! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Do not boast because you have beliefs; don’t forget that hundreds of absurd beliefs in the history are totally disappeared! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* The Dalai Lama once said that ‘If science proves some belief of Buddhism wrong, then Buddhism will have to change!’ This is a great thought! And great thoughts belong to great men only! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* To enlighten people by reminding them the irrationality of their beliefs is an act more honest and more important than the act of praising and respecting people’s beliefs! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* It is always possible to be happy by ignoring the sufferings of the millions! People with high conscience can never attain this kind of insensitive happiness! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* God is unknown; anything we said about God has no validity, because our knowledge about Him is zero, absolutely nothing! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you don’t like an idea, put another idea against it! If you use your fist against an idea that you don’t like, you only prove how horribly primitive you are! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* In the eye of the universe, man is nothing! And man’s hardest job is to be able to get rid of this nothingness! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* In the middle of the night, if you have decided to do something good for the world, don’t wait for the morning to come! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* It is spring time now! While the world looks for a new war to fight, you look for a cherry blossom to watch! Let the stupid seeks the violence; you seek the elegance! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you want to be a civilised man, first you have to be a non-violent man! If you want to be a civilised country, first you have to be a non-violent country! Violence is the means of the sick minds; peacefulness is the means of the healthy minds! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Do not let the fame come near to you! Protect your freedom! Fame must be avoided so as to breathe freely! Stay in the shadow to work comfortably! Away from the crowds, in the heart of calmness, there is wonderful peace of mind that no fame can ever give you! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Everyday some people discover you! What good things have you got for them? Just like preparing a soup, prepare good things and keep them ready for the people who discover you! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* For a great master, everyone is a master, because he learns from everyone! For a great master, everything is a master, because he learns from everything! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If your way is not the way of the science, then your way is not the way! Change it! If your way is not the way of the compassion and love, then your way is not the way! Change it! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Every little candle is a great knight fighting against the darkness! Every time you feel yourself tiny, remember these brave candles! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you are not the member of any religion, it means that you are the member of truth! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* There must be every kind of books in your library. The most beautiful gardens are those with many different flowers, with all kinds of herbs and weeds! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Some man’s dreams can bring only nightmares to the world! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Be the man of no one! Instead, be the man of truth, only the truth! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If an illusion makes a man happy, destroy that illusion! Because happiness must come via the truth! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Religion is an illusion and every illusion has the inevitable destiny of a soap bubble! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Mankind is focused on earth; he is mostly interested in stupid things like wars or ideological absurdities. What he has to do is to concentrate on the universe, because the universe is a cosmic novel that he must read fully, that he must understand fully and that in the end he must rewrite it! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If some things aren’t going well, do something; never wait for the things to be ok by themselves! Do something; change the direction, change the parameters, change the criteria, change anything you wish to change! To change is to create a new destiny! Remember, you have thousands of different destinies; change is your instrument to switch from one destiny to another! Remember, you have thousands of different destinies! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Man is full of energy; it is up to him how to use it! You can use your energy to do harm to people or to produce art and science; or you can use it for chattering or for deceiving people! By looking at the human history, we can easily say that man is guilty of wasting his energy mostly for stupid things! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Moments of compassion are the most holy moments of life. ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* The adjective ‘decent’ and the noun ‘government’ have seldom come together in the human history! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If your war is for your existence, fight it right to the end! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Forgetting is a blessing; remembering is a blessing! We are lucky that we can forget; we are lucky that we can remember!  ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Happiness is often somewhere near us, not in the far places! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* The more you stand aloof from the sword, from the arrow, from the lance and from the fist, the more you become civilised! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* To be a lighthouse, you must be strong enough to resist every kind of storm, to every kind of loneliness and you must have a powerful light inside you! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* You frantically want to make a mark on the history of humanity? You, King of the Fools! In the very distant future, there shall be no history; there shall remain not even a single trace of anything! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* What you care about is what makes who you are! If you care about peace, this makes you a man! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If your selfish goal will be useful to humanity, then let your selfish goal be triumphant! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* We are living in the World of Snails! Man is extremely slow! Whoever has a limited life, he has no right to be slow! Things must be done quickly! Slowness belongs to the immortals! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If your mind is tired, go get work in the fields! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you are honest, you are in the minority; if you are clever, you are in the minority; if you do not believe in any religious craps, you are in the minority! If you are not in the herd, you are in the minority! What a glorious privilege to be in this kind of minorities! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When you rise quickly like a swallow, you must keep in mind that you may also fall fast like a stone! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Man often overstates the trivial things and understates the vital ones! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Smooth roads are boring; hard roads are hurting! Through boredom, you learn nothing and you get nothing; through hurt, you learn many things and you get wisdom! Never afraid of hard roads and always prefer them! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* What is your dream? To be the most famous man in the world? What a stupid dream you have! To conquer the whole world with an army? What a primitive dream you have! To earn millions of dollars? What a greedy dream you have! Question your dreams! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* City is a madhouse! Don’t stay there too much or you get mad! Go to the nature, to the Temple of the Clever! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Wisdom is the highest position a man can attain! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Anything can happen; this is the very rule of this universe! The best defence against this rule is this: Don’t panic! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Love is exaggerated affection; affection is unexaggerated love! Always be sober in everything! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* To be pessimist is to amputate one’s own legs and arms! Only an optimist man has the ability to move! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* To find what you are looking for, you must first forget what you are looking for! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* You can always meet stupid people in your life journey; you should treat them like the way candle treats darkness: Illuminate them! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Plains deceive you; they cause you to think that life is easy! Mountains never deceive you; they teach you the realties! Go to the mountains! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)



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