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Contemporary Turkish Novelist & Playwright Mehmet Murat ildan (MMI), Member of the International PEN Writers.

This account has the Collection of His Quotes, Quotations, Aphorisms, Apothegms, Words of Wisdom, Maxims, Wise Words and Sagacious Sayings.

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* When you cross a bridge, try to touch it with your hand! That will be a symbolic gratitude for the good service it gives to us! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Like a wooden cottage of a lovely forest, leave yourself to the silence! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* An ordinary chair is always more comfortable than the king’s chair! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* A tram cannot discover every road! To discover every road, one must leave the predetermined roads! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Shadows cannot harm the almighty! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Birdcage is a shame! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When you walk, try to think nothing! You can then obtain the silence of a streetlight or a bridge; stop thinking; after that, you become all you see! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Your mind and your luck determine your destiny! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* To create a new universal idea is to create a new star in the universe! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Every lesson you take from your past immediately turns into a stairs to the light! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* The most beautiful thing about art is that there is no saturation point in creating! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Before you enter the forest, you must leave your mind outside, because in the land of fairy tales there is no need for it! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* For someone who doesn’t have the key, the door becomes a wall; for someone who has the key, there is no door! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Knowledge can protect you much better than a strong castle! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* A rotten ship is not afraid of the storms! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* We wonder of the nature and the nature wonders of us! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* A peaceful, moral and conscientious person excessively deserves to be respected! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you are after truth, let your shadow be the only shadow around you! Stay away from the crowds! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you have a target, you will walk more lively even in the middle of a desert! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Every door is a door opening to another door! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When your mind is besieged by some inauspicious thoughts, you can bring the sunshine into your life by staying calm! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Do not complain about the length of the road! What will you do when the road finishes? Let it continue! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Water jokes about the obstacles on its way; wise man jokes about the obstacles on his way! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you have a complex life, make it simple; if you have a simple life, continue it that way! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Monkey can make a long jump with his muscles; and man, with his wisdom! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Only the clever men can be flexible; others are condemned to remain as rigid! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* To read quotations is to live in a planet with multiple suns! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If man can fly, it won’t be something extraordinary! But if man can become immortal, now that will be extraordinary! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Simple life and peaceful mind are very close friends! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Poverty is a mathematical proof of the fact that mankind is a big failure! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* The most beautiful face is always the face of the peaceful mind! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Earth travels in the space at the speed of 108,000 kilometres per hour. When you walk calmly in a forest, you must know that you are in fact flying in the space at that crazy speed! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* We need more windows for the houses. And for men, more reason! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you do not enter inside, what use the door to heaven can have? ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If there are only you and the music in the room, it means that there are two persons in the room! Music is a live being! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* For a shining mind and a shining body, you need nature, not gilding or silvering! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* There is no life after life. Whoever says there is, ignore him! The untruth must be ignored! Stick to the life and the science! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* As soon as it is seen, the extraordinary starts becoming ordinary! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* There are too many things around us, preventing us from thinking well! To think well, sometimes we need a heavy fog! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Courage refuses frontiers! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* In the cold dark days of the winter, dream about the flowers to get warmed up! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Science is the Noah’s Ark very itself! Seek no other vessel! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* The wisdom of bridges comes from the fact that they know the both sides, they know the both shores! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Read universally; think universally; live universally! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you have a light, meet the world or let the world meets you! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* How long the thick dark clouds can prevent the truth from shining? The truth is an arrow that can pass through any shield! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* All the streams carry the wisdom of the forest to the lake, and over there, silence replaces the noise! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When you increase the number of gardens, you increase the number of heavens too! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If the view is very beautiful, do not sit and watch; go to the view, be in the view! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When the beauties come together, there emerges a super beauty! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* The best thing about a horrible city is that it makes you to understand the beauty of the pastoral life! The bad crystallizes the value of the good. ~ (Mehmet Murat

* Start climbing the stairs without thinking how steep are the stairs or how many stairs are there! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* He who observes the infinite horizons will see the dangers before others. ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* The presence of even a single poor child on the street means a million defeats for mankind. ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Sand can resist to water; but it cannot win. Ignorant can resist to knowledge; but it cannot win. ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Some bridges are so beautiful that we wish them to be our own home! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* You need new roads to discover new places! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* A man who sits under a tree and dreams makes more journey than a man who goes around the world without dreaming! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* In a very cold night, even houses want to have houses of their own to enter inside them and feel warm! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)    

* When you are unhappy about something, you can always find thousands of other things to be happy! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)    

* There is always something melancholic about the empty chairs. ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)    



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