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Contemporary Turkish Novelist & Playwright, Thinker Mehmet Murat ildan (MMI), Member of the International PEN Writers.

This account has the Collection of His Quotes, Quotations, Aphorisms, Apothegms, Words of Wisdom, Maxims, Wise Words and Sagacious Sayings.

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* Even the longest beautiful path is perceived as very short and even the shortest ugly path is perceived as very long! Beauty changes the perceptions! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Helping animals will make us more human! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* The tram’s fate is to travel only on its track. But for man, everywhere is a track; everywhere is his fate! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When a flower and a child come together, it makes two flowers or two children because every child is a flower and every flower is a child! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Live a simple life; you will own the most beautiful treasures of the world! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If a peasant offers you a beautiful fruit with his dirty hands, take it with endless gratitude because his hands became dirty for your happiness! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* First help those who deserve; if any energy left at all, this time help those who do not deserve! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When you trust yourself, you will come out like a beautiful sunbeam through the dark clouds! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Wind likes to open the curtains; wisdom likes to open the curtains! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Picking flowers from gardens or trees is an action of taking fishes out of seas! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* There are things we really do not understand; and much more than this, there are things we really do not try to understand! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* In a good society, people are interested in the hard lives of the workers, not in the easy lives of the artists and models! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Trams and disciplined people always reach their destinations! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* You may hear bad words but you always use soft words that carry the air of flowers! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* There is no safe port; there are only ports that we feel ourselves safe.    ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Never let the life to remain as an image outside of your window! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Tragedies of this world behave like the storms of the vast oceans! While you are inside this storm, let your mind stand upright like a lighthouse! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you get the taste of the mountains once, you will always find the cities horribly tasteless! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Dogs are often happier than men simply because the simplest things are the greatest things for them! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* There exists no temple more beautiful and more calming than the nature itself! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* End of a dream is the beginning of a new dream; end of a travel is the beginning of a new travel. End means beginning! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Most of the fears in life are only the scarecrows; once you realise this, the field is all yours to benefit from! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Sunset is a moment where we can wait for all day long to witness it! And not only for one day, but we can wait for all the days of all the years! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* We can’t imagine deserts without camel caravans and we can’t imagine wisdom without the teachings of solitude and silence! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* You can turn your back towards the light if you have found a brighter light ahead of you! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Old empty chairs are not empty in reality; memories always sit there! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Beauty with innocence is a double beauty! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* For the contented man, lake is an ocean; for the discontented one, ocean is a lake! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan) 

* Be like a bridge; be on this side, be on the other side and be on no side! In other words, be in everywhere because the highest wisdom can be attained only by being everywhere! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Every day solitude for a particular time period is a good way to refresh physically and is a great opportunity to rise spiritually! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Man with right thinking is awake and can see everything; man with wrong thinking is asleep and can see nothing! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* An old autumn bench is no different than a king’s throne for the humble man! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Blessed are those who encounter a mystery in their lives because they obtain a big opportunity to live the great joy of solving puzzles! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When it seems that there is no way, the way is to think insistently that there is a way! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Night becomes day only when the sun appears; dark man becomes good man only when the compassion appears! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* You learn calmness from the lake; you learn power from the ocean waves; you learn goodness from the trees! Look around you! You are surrounded by the most excellent teachers of nature! If you can be an excellent student, then you will rise to be an excellent teacher! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When you are surrounded by the people who do not see the world as you see it, you will be the loneliest of the lonely! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Meditation is not to be on the surface of a thing or underneath it or above it, but it is to be in everywhere and to be in nowhere! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* To create a happy world, peace for men will not be enough; we need peace for animals as well! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Poverty with happiness is not a real poverty; richness with unhappiness is not a real richness! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* The moment you realise and feel sad that the world does not hear and see you when you are in a small village, your marvellous journey starts towards the universal infinity! If you can be universal, everyone sees you, everyone hears you! Leave your local position! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Give food to the birds, you will then be surrounded by the wings of love, you will be encompassed by the joys of little silent hearts! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan) 

* Do not look for a secret passage in nature because nature is already the secret passage itself! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Whatever it will bring, it will be good to be there, in the Land of Future! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan) 

* If you have not lost yourself, you cannot find yourself! First, you must lose yourself, then you will find yourself! First, darkness, then, light! First, confusion, and then clarity! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* If you know a lonely tree, go and visit it even if it takes miles to walk there! Because lonely tree is a great monument of strength! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* There will be always something old in the New Year! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* When you think what happened to you is the end of the world, just hold your head up and look around you, you will see that the world is there, ready to give you new things! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Sometimes some moments arrive in life: You go forward and you lose; you go backwards and you win! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* A cat’s New Year dream is mostly a bird! Don’t be like a cat; in New Year, dream something that you have never dreamed! Target for new things! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

When you swim, be a part of the sea; when you walk, be a part of the road! Integrate with the universe! See it not as a distinct entity, but as your own continuation, as your own self! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan)

* Before complaining about your burden of life, you must first try to see what other people’s burden of life is! ~ (Mehmet Murat ildan


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